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Nurture Your Mind and Spirit Through Creative Journaling

Jul/19 By

This post is the third in our 5-part blog series on creative journaling, which can also be used as a ‘take it anytime’ 5-day creative journaling challenge. If you want

How to start a creative journal: organise your ideas, sky rocket your creativity and keep your goals in front of you

How to Start a Creative Journal

Jul/16 By

This is part two in our series on journaling for creativity. Check out the other posts here: Part 1: Why You Should Keep a Journal if You’re a Creative Person

Why you should keep a journal if you're a creative person - creative journal writing helps you capture, clarify and develop your brilliant ideas

Why You Should Keep a Journal If You’re a Creative Person

Jul/12 By

Some people suggest there are two types of creatives: those who struggle to find ideas and those who have too many. If you fall into the latter category, I’m going

How Freelance Writers Can Easily Get an Editor’s Attention

How Freelance Writers Can Easily Get an Editor’s Attention

Jun/29 By

Top editors get a lot of pitches from freelancers, so if you’re a new or less experienced writer, it can be hard to get an editor’s attention. You need to

write travel articles

Seven Ways To Create Compelling Travel Articles

Jun/15 By

There’s a lot more to travel writing than creating a laundry list of what happened on your holiday and why it was fun. You’re unlikely to get an editor’s attention with

read kindle books on any device/ you own

Be An Active Reader: How to Retain More of What You Read

Jun/8 By

Reading a lot of non-fiction books is a valuable habit for anyone who wants to accelerate their learning. In their book, The Power of No, James Altucher and Claudia Azula

Find time to read

How to Find Time to Read During Your Busy Days

Jun/1 By

It may or may not be true that the majority of Americans haven’t read a book since leaving full-time education, but most people who don’t read, or don’t read as

Why You Don’t Always Need To Find A Smarter Room

Why You Don’t Always Need To Find A Smarter Room

May/28 By

Ever been told you need to find a smarter room? Change your friends? At the very least you may have seen this quote (or a variation of it) doing the

simple time hacking trick

Maximise Your Potential With This Simple Time Hacking Trick

May/18 By

Ever wished you could jump forward in time and be wiser, more experienced, and just generally have your life together? In a way that you just don’t right now? Maybe

How to Find Well-Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities

May/11 By

Want to make more money as a freelance writer? There are two main ways to do that. Write more, which means over time the quality of your writing is likely to

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