Coaching For Writers

When it comes to coaching you can pay a fortune for a high-end, one-on-one, face-to-face coaching experience, but what if you just need a little help, feedback and support? That’s where I come in. Choose from the following packages. All take place via email are highly affordable and very quick (I’ll get back to you within a week of receiving your writing work, website link or questions).

Option 1: Writing critique

I’m a best selling Amazon author, widely published freelance writer and trained copy editor. I’ll critique any piece of writing of up to 3,000 words and give you detailed feedback. I’ll even tell you where you should try and sell it if you don’t know already, and check it’s suitable if you have somewhere in mind.

I’ll give you general pointers on writing style and suggest resources you might like. If your writing is part of a book, or a short story you’d like to publish on Amazon, for example, I’ll give you publishing and marketing advice, too. If you’re starting a blog on a niche topic, send me 3,000 words of content (which could be up to six blog posts) and I’ll let you know if you’ve got a strong topic focus and a cohesive feel to your posts. I’ll also tell you how you can monetize your content.

Cost: US$100. Interested? Contact me.

Option 2: Website audit

Wondering why your website traffic isn’t converting? Maybe you’re not getting any traffic at all, or what you have is bouncing away?

I’ll visit your website, and let you know exactly how you can improve it. I’ll click on links, follow threads and go down rabbit holes. I’ll report back on everything from broken links to confusing text and slow-loading images. I’ll tell you why I’d hire you and why I wouldn’t, or why I would (or wouldn’t) buy your books if you’re an author. I’ll let you know what you’d need to do to overcome any doubts and objections, and of course I’ll tell you what I love, too.

I’ll even sign up for your list and let you know how that process feels. I’ll tell you what I think of your welcome email, and any upsells. I’ll even briefly review your opt-in gift and tell you if I think it meets the needs of your subscribers.

Cost: US$100. Interested? Contact me.

Option 3: Mini Coaching Package

Both of the above, plus you get to ask me any three questions about your writing business and I give you personalized answers, based on your particular circumstances, writing experience and goals (which, of course, you’ll have to outline for me). I love helping writers and authors get clear on their next steps.

Cost: US$200. Interested? Contact me.

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