Tips For Creating An Ebook or Other Digital Product

Posted by on April 20, 2020

Now is the perfect time to create an ebook, or other digital product. Not only will it keep you occupied as you shelter in place, and keep your mind off Covid 19, but it’s also more likely to sell, in a world where so many are staying home, staying safe, and relying on digital products and services for entertainment, learning, and self-improvement.

As regular readers know, I’ve sold thousands of ebooks, and created a range of digital products. But there are a lot of options I haven’t covered. There are all kinds of info products you could consider releasing right now, from online courses, to printable workbooks, or video trainings.

Here are some tips I got from a couple of my favorite online publishing mentors Ron Douglas (New York Times Best Selling Author and veteran content marketing expert), and Alice Seba,. Together they run Elite Writers Lab, and they know a thing or two about online publishing.

Tips For Creating An Ebook or Other Digital Product

Work on one big project at a time

It’s easy to get distracted by an ever-growing list of great ideas, but working on one big project at a time, ensures you can stay focused and get it done. It sounds simple enough, but the world of online publishing is filled with great ideas…so you have to learn to focus and keep your eye on the finish line.

Whenever new ideas come to you, put them in a notebook

It doesn’t matter if it’s a virtual notebook or an old-school paper one, have a way to keep your ideas organized. Put every idea about your current ebook or info product in one section. When more ideas crop up for future ebooks, info products, or other projects, jot them down too, in a different section. Don’t try and get started on them until your current project is finished and launched. Speaking of which…

Set a firm launch date and make it public

This is key. If you tell yourself you’re going to finish your ebook by a certain date, and you keep it to yourself, there’s not much to keep you accountable. But if you tell your mailing list and online followers that they can expect to buy your book on a specific date, it forces you to be accountable. Add to that, if you say they can buy your book or info product on a specific date, that means you have to have everything in place. Not just the writing, but the product has to actually be for sale. That’s motivating!

Realize that you don’t have to be perfect

It’s the biggest trap for online publishers…seeking perfection. But perfection doesn’t really exist, and the quest for it is often just thinly disguised procrastination. Yes, it’s important to get a quality product out to your audience, but we are our toughest critics. Sometimes our plans are more ambitious than is practical, so we need to adjust. So if you were writing a book, perhaps you could turn it into a series, so you can get your first book out on time. And hey, a series is likely to be more profitable than a single book anyway!

The snippets of advice above should help keep you on track to get that ebook or digital product launched. Need some extra help? Ron and Alice are launching their online Best Seller’s Summit this week, and if you want to grab a ticket, you get to name your price. Yep, you can pay as much, or as little as you want, AND 100% of the profits are going to the Startup Emergency Relief Fund for small businesses affected by Coronavirus.

Want to launch your own bestselling book (or other digital product) and support small businesses? Join me at the summit. There’s a lot to learn. As I say, I’ve sold thousands of ebooks, but these guys have sold 1.4 million. Let’s learn from them together.

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