Four Potential Freelance Writing Gigs and How to Get Them

Posted by on September 15, 2020

There are many different types of writing you may want to try as you build your freelance writing business. Running your own business as a freelance writer gives you the flexibility to do the kind of writing you enjoy, excel at and find interesting. Here are four potential writing gigs and a few ideas on how to get them.

Four Potential Freelance Writing Gigs and How to Get Them

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Blogging is a great way to build your portfolio as a writer. You may have your own blog, and that’s great for building your business. However, it can also be fun and a consistent pay check if you can find regular blogging jobs writing posts for other bloggers, brands, or businesses.

Consider approaching blogs that you enjoy reading and commenting on and ask the owner if they use paid contributors or guest bloggers. Share your credentials and your desire to work for them.

Look for blogging opportunities on freelance job boards and classified ad sites as well. These are often great for finding hidden opportunities. The ProBlogger Job Board is a good place to start.

Ebooks and Reports

Larger writing projects are great, and can work out fairly profitable. They’re generally a little trickier to find than other writing opportunities, but if you’re interested in writing ebooks and/or reports search for these types of projects on freelance job sites. It’s a great way to connect with new customers.

Consider also contacting your current clients and letting them know you’re offering a special. Offer a thirty day ten percent off type of promotion and motivate your customers. If you’re already writing blog posts, those bloggers might be happy to have you ghostwrite an ebook or report for them, either as a list-building freebie, or to sell.


Any publication, online or off, that publishes articles may accept freelance pitches. Grab our free list of markets that pay for articles and start pitching. Also consider checking out your favorite websites. Do they have a “write for us” tab somewhere on their website? If not, consider getting in contact anyway, with a letter of introduction, or a pitch.

Not sure how to pitch? There’s a great pitch template inside the Freelance Writer’s Success Kit. You can get yours half-price if you sign up for that free list of markets.


Copywriting can be a very lucrative form of writing, if you know what you’re doing. There are two key ways to find these opportunities. Firstly you can visit job boards specifically for copywriters, or simply search general freelance boards for copywriting gigs. Apply for the positions you feel confident in.

Also try simply letting your existing clients and associates know you’re interested in writing copy. Again, like ebooks and reports, you could consider offering a promotion. If you need a basic but specific copywriting course there’s a great one available at Freelance University, along with 80+ other courses aimed at helping you grow your freelance career.

Being a writer for pay is a rewarding career. If you’re in a writing rut or looking for new opportunities consider broadening your horizons. Try blogging. Apply for a copywriting opportunity. Or write a book. Mix it up. Keep it interesting. And keep the money coming in.


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