How To Read Kindle Books On Almost Any Device

read kindle books on any device/ you own

Posted by on April 15, 2018

I’ve had a couple of emails recently asking why all my books aren’t available at places like  iBooksBarnes & NobleKobo, and Smashwords. As some of you have spotted, my first two books – 52 Tips For Freelance Writers and How To Start Your Freelance Writing Career From Scratch – are up there, but the others are only available for Kindle.

The reasons are complicated. By having some books exclusively available on Kindle, I can allow Kindle Unlimited subscribers to read them for free, while I still get paid a small amount for each read.

(If you read a lot, Kindle Unlimited is a great deal that allows you to read – you guessed it – unlimited numbers of books on Kindle each month, for a flat subscription fee. Click the image below for more details.)



Things may change in the future but for now, a few of my books will remain exclusive with Amazon and therefore only available in the Kindle format.So I wanted to make sure you all know that you CAN read Kindle books on your iPad, iPhone. most other phones, many tablets, AND your PC. Most people do actually have a device they can read Kindle books on. They just need to download the free app.

This is worth doing even if you have a Kindle, as you can sync books on your Kindle with your other devices and pick up where you left off, reading your current book wherever you are, on whichever device you have handy. (Yep, if you see me looking at my phone in the supermarket checkout line I’m not checking texts, I’m reading a book!).To download the free app and read Kindle books on most other devices, simply click here. Or click the image below.

Now you have the ability to read Kindle books on all your devices, and sync your books between them, why don’t you check out my reading list. Many of these books are available for Kindle and you could be reading any one of them just minutes from now.

Happy kindling to you all.

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