How To Create The Perfect Freelance Writing Website

How Freelance Writers Can Easily Get an Editor’s Attention

Posted by on April 19, 2018

So you’ve got your freelance writing business set up right, and you’re doing everything you can to grow it quickly. The hub of your efforts should be an excellent, client grabbing, freelance writing website that attracts clients while you sleep.

A good website can motivate visitors to contact you or hire you immediately. Set your freelance writing website up right, and you can convert more prospects on autopilot, allowing you to spend more time writing and less time marketing.

Create the perfect freelance writing website/

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Don’t have a website set up yet? It’s surprising easy. I recommend you use WordPress (it’s free) with a reliable host such as Siteground or Bluehost (they’re very affordable). I show you how to set up your site in less than ten minutes here.

Got your writer’s site set up but need to improve it? Here are seven top tips for creating the perfect freelance writing website.

Be specific about what you offer

Create a page (you can call it hire me, work with me, or services) that says exactly what you do. Do you write blog posts? Articles? Sales copy? Who do you work with? What problem do you solve? What’s your niche or specialty?

Provide an inquiry form or quick contact button 

Make it quick and easy for prospects to contact you. You can do this by creating a contact form so they can fire off a message right away. Put it on your hire me page as well as your contact page. Prospective clients can fill out the form and you instantly receive their inquiry via email. This makes it easy for your prospects because it means they don’t have to hunt for your contact information. They don’t even have to switch tabs to open up their email.

You can also create a clickable email link that opens up their email service so they can send you an email. Or consider creating a web form so you can ask specific questions like ‘what’s your deadline?’, ‘what are your project details?’ and ‘how did you hear about us?’

Policies and procedures

Include a page on your site that outlines your policies and procedures. For example it might answer questions like:

* How do you invoice?

* How quickly do you deliver?

* Can I get a discount?

* Do I own the rights to the content?

* How do I get revisions?

You don’t have to be overly specific. For example, two lines on my hire me page state that clients get:

A small discount if you’re happy for my name and link to go on the piece (ask me more).
A discount for bulk orders (ask me about that too).

(Those links go to my contact page. Extra encouragement to get it touch!)


Clients want to see samples. Link to your freelance writing portfolio. You can build a nice-looking one for free at Contently (here’s mine). Or simply put links to all your best work on a page on your website. I talk about building a great freelance portfolio in this article.


There’s probably nothing more powerful to persuade a new client than testimonials from other happy clients. Ask for testimonials from your clients and publish them on your website (here are mine). Consider including a few on your home page if that ties in with your overall website strategy.

Picture or video

People like to know you’re a real person. Consider including a picture of yourself, on your site, either on your home page, about page or your hire me page. If you’re brave (and personable) you might want to include a short welcome video on your home page. Many writers are shy, so a freelance writing site with this feature stands out.

Your Freelance Writing Rates 

Some people don’t include rates on their site because they want to tailor a quote to each client. Big mistake. I get a LOT more interest now I include a rate guide. And the people who contact me are qualified prospects. They’ve already seen what I charge and they’ve reached out anyway. This means they can afford me.

Including your rates (or a rate range) helps prospects know if your services are within their budget. You might also include packages that offer a discount. For example, $50/blog post or 10 blog posts for $450. Or you can include image sourcing and other related services as part of a package.

Ready to make your freelance writing website awesome? You might want to check out the Freelance Writer’s Success Kit. It includes a 21 page printable guide and workbook, to help you plan your client attracting website. You get it half-price when you subscribe to my newsletter, (along with a free gift to help you find paying clients, every day).

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