What You Need to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Feb/22 By

I’ve received so many questions on how to get started as a freelance writer that I wrote a whole book on it, How To Start Your Freelance Career From Scratch:

Why You Don’t (Always) Need To Find a Smarter Room

Jan/16 By

Ever been told you need to find a smarter room? Change your friends? At the very least you may have seen this quote (or a variation of it) doing the

Why Creative People Need To Learn To Love The Process

Dec/5 By

If you’re an artist, a writer, an inventor, or a creative person of any kind, there’s one thing that can enhance your life and work beyond all else. Learn to

Time hacking

Maximise Your Potential With This Simple Time Hacking Trick

Nov/20 By

Ever wished you could jump forward in time and be wiser, more experienced, and just generally have your life together? In a way that you just don’t right now? Maybe

Six Habits To Develop If You Want To Be Truly Productive

Six Habits To Develop If You Want To Be Truly Productive

Nov/1 By

Insanely productive people do life differently. The people getting more done than you don’t have 25 hours in their day, or 13 months in their year. They’ve learned to use

Books That Make Your Life Better: The Reading List

Oct/27 By

My personal reading list, containing all the non-fiction books that have made my life better (a list of fiction is in the works, too). Regularly updated, so feel free to

How Indie Authors Can Get More Book Reviews

Oct/2 By

We’ve talked before about how important reviews (even bad ones) are for indie authors, and I recently revealed my one ridiculously simple tactic for getting more book reviews. I also

Dealing With Bad Reviews as an Indie Author

Dealing With Bad Reviews as an Indie Author

Sep/18 By

No author wants one, but we all get them: bad reviews. Horrible, mean, grumpy, one-star reviews. If we’re working hard, putting out good books, editing properly, formatting carefully and marketing

Twitter Tips For Freelance Writers

Sep/11 By

So you all know I’m a fan of freelance writers (and everyone else who has an online business) using Twitter to promote their business. Writers can leverage Twitter to find

6 Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make

Sep/4 By

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re inexperienced. Recognising a few of the common mistakes new freelance writers make will help you minimise (or avoid) them. But it’s also important to

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