How Indie Authors Can Get More Book Reviews

Oct/2 By

We’ve talked before about how important reviews (even bad ones) are for indie authors, and I recently revealed my one ridiculously simple tactic for getting more book reviews. I also

Dealing With Bad Reviews as an Indie Author

Dealing With Bad Reviews as an Indie Author

Sep/18 By

No author wants one, but we all get them: bad reviews. Horrible, mean, grumpy, one-star reviews. If we’re working hard, putting out good books, editing properly, formatting carefully and marketing

Twitter Tips For Freelance Writers

Sep/11 By

So you all know I’m a fan of freelance writers (and everyone else who has an online business) using Twitter to promote their business. Writers can leverage Twitter to find

6 Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make

Sep/4 By

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re inexperienced. Recognising a few of the common mistakes new freelance writers make will help you minimise (or avoid) them. But it’s also important to

30 Book Marketing Tips For Indie Authors

Aug/21 By

As indie authors, we’re always trying to find free, low-cost, or at least cost effective ways to market our books. In this post, I’ve pulled together 30 (plus) book marketing tips

Why Every Freelance Writer Needs an Online Presence

Aug/9 By

We’ve already talked about how to create the perfect freelance writing website. As a writer, your website may be your most important business tool. It’s the hub of your online

Quotes About Writing, By Writers, For Writers

Jul/29 By

Need some wise, funny, or inspirational quotes about writing? Get your dose of writing humour and inspiration, right here. Updated sporadically, according to my whims. Like these quotes & images?

Freelance Writing Website

Create The Perfect Freelance Writing Website

Jul/6 By

So you’ve got your freelance writing business set up right, and you’re doing everything you can to grow it quickly. The hub of your efforts should be an excellent, client

29 Ways To Get More Writing Done

Jun/27 By

How much writing do you get done every day? What’s a decent word count for you? 500 words? 1000? 5000? A lot will depend on your circumstances, energy levels and

Ten Steps To Freelance Writing Success

Ten Steps To Freelance Writing Success

Jun/18 By

Becoming a successful freelance writer is hard work. There’s a lot to learn, and some of the processes involved are complicated, but getting started isn’t. ​Here we’ve boiled it down to ten

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