What You Need to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Feb/22 By

I’ve received so many questions on how to get started as a freelance writer that I wrote a whole book on it, How To Start Your Freelance Career From Scratch:

6 Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make

Sep/4 By

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re inexperienced. Recognising a few of the common mistakes new freelance writers make will help you minimise (or avoid) them. But it’s also important to

Why Every Freelance Writer Needs an Online Presence

Aug/9 By

We’ve already talked about how to create the perfect freelance writing website. As a writer, your website may be your most important business tool. It’s the hub of your online

Freelance Writing Website

Create The Perfect Freelance Writing Website

Jul/6 By

So you’ve got your freelance writing business set up right, and you’re doing everything you can to grow it quickly. The hub of your efforts should be an excellent, client

Ten Steps To Freelance Writing Success

Ten Steps To Freelance Writing Success

Jun/18 By

Becoming a successful freelance writer is hard work. There’s a lot to learn, and some of the processes involved are complicated, but getting started isn’t. ​Here we’ve boiled it down to ten

Freelance Writing Success

How to Find Well-Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities

Jun/17 By

Want to make more money as a freelance writer? There are two main ways to do that. Write more, which means over time the quality of your writing is likely to

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