Authors Helping Authors: Simple Ways To Support Your Fellow Indie Authors

Posted by on June 13, 2017

As indie authors we need to stick together and support each other. Other authors are not your competition, any more than one of your books is a ‘competitor’ to another one of your books. While a surprising amount of people never read a book, those who do tend to read a lot. Teaming up with other authors to cross-promote your books (even, or perhaps especially, if you write in the same genre/on the same topic) is a great idea. There are plenty of simple ways to support indie authors and make sure the indie publishing industry continues to thrive.


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Simple ways to support other authors:

Follow them on social media, and share their posts.

Read their blogs and share those too, especially if you have a similar audience and following.

Mention on social media (or your blog) when their books are on sale or available for free.

Hit the like button on their Facebook page or Amazon sales page.

Buy/download their books (if you think you’d like them).

Read their books.

Rate and/or review their books on AmazonGoodreadsLibraryThingShelfari or wherever else you hang out online.

Follow or friend your fellow authors at the above sites.

Add other authors’ books to your Listopia lists on Goodreads or your public Amazon Wish List.

Recommend books you love in your own books, especially if you write non-fiction and just touch on a subject readers might want to read a whole book on. Acknowledge books you’ve used as sources or inspiration.

Add a list of ‘Other books you might like’ to the end of your books.

Invite other authors to be interviewed on your blog, or to write a guest post. Maybe your can ‘swap’ interviews or guest posts to introduce each other to your respective audiences.

Post content from another author’s media room if they have one. Double win. Free content for you. Exposure for the other author.

Review or recommend their books on your blog (create a round-up post of several books on a topic, or try an informative format such as my Ten Things I Learned From This Book type posts if straight reviews aren’t your thing).

Create a ‘recommended books’ page on your blog or website featuring other authors’ books, or write blog posts that list great books on a specific topic. (here’s one of mine).

Create an Amazon astore of books you love but didn’t write (Here’s mine).

Advertise other authors’ books in your sidebar or elsewhere on your blog or site.

The advantage of those last four is that you can add your Amazon associates ID to any links you provide and earn (just a little) money anytime one of your readers buys one of their books.

Want to collaborate with me? In any of the above ways or another way I haven’t even thought of? Get in touch.

Want more useful tips for indie authors, every single day? Follow me on Twitter.

Need help marketing your book? Check out The Book Ninja. I just love her Online Courses For Indie Authors and her Book Marketing Checklists.

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