How Indie Authors Can Get More Book Reviews

Posted by on October 2, 2017

We’ve talked before about how important reviews (even bad ones) are for indie authors, and I recently revealed my one ridiculously simple tactic for getting more book reviews.

I also promised you a future post suggesting a few sites you can submit your books to in order to get more reviews as an indie author, so here it is.

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The Indie View

Register at The Indie View for access to a comprehensive list of reviewers happy to review indie authors. Many of these reviewers are book bloggers who will post book reviews on their own blogs or websites as well as Amazon and Goodreads.

This site works well for reviewers, book bloggers and readers, as well as indie authors. Book bloggers can post links to their reviews on the site, gaining traffic back to their blogs, and readers can use the site to discover new books and read honest reviews.

Once you’ve achieved at least one four-star review from one of the reviewers listed on their Indie Reviewers List you’ll be added to the Indie Authors List (along with a list of the genres you write in) enabling both readers and potential reviewers to find you more easily.

Story Cartel

Story Cartel is a review site with a twist.

Rather than going through the time-consuming process of contacting individual reviewers, you can pay a small fee to upload your book to this site and make it available for free download to potential reviewers.

Everyone who downloads agrees to review it. Not everyone does, of course, but not everyone who accepts a review copy does either. With Story Cartel the site will email everyone who has downloaded your book to remind them to review, and all reviewers are entered into prize draws to win Amazon vouchers and ereaders. This, along with site running costs and advertising, is where your upload fee goes.

The twist? Everyone who downloads provides an email address and you, as the author, receive a copy of these emails, making Story Cartel a great way to grow your email list as an indie author. To ensure my Story Cartel downloaders stay on my list, I simply contact everyone who downloads to thank them and offer them another freebie. Then I make it clear that if they stay on the list they’ll be first to hear about other freebies and special offers. I then give them an option to unsubscribe, but very few do.

More Sites To Check Out

Depending on your genre, location, how many reviews you have already, and a whole load of other factors, there are lots of sites you can submit your book to for a review. You may want to take a look at some of these sites (Yep, I’ll add more as I find them. So feel free to bookmark this post, or Pin it, to come back to).

Net Galley

Book Goodies

Library Thing Early Reviewers

eBook Crossroads

RT Book Reviews 

World Literary Café Read & Review Program

Digital Book Today

Want some serious training on how to get book reviews (plus courses on every other aspect of book marketing)? Check out The Book Ninja. She helps you market your book like a pro.

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