Freelance Writing Success

How to Find Well-Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities

Jun/17 By

Want to make more money as a freelance writer? There are two main ways to do that. Write more, which means over time the quality of your writing is likely to

Should Freelance Writers Ever Write On Spec?

Should Freelance Writers Ever Write On Spec?

Jun/17 By

If you’ve ever attended a ‘proper’ journalism or freelance writing class, you’ll probably have been warned about the dangers of writing an entire article on spec. But the world is

Six Ways to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business Quickly

Jun/16 By

So you’ve set up your freelance writing business, and now you want to grow it quickly: more clients, more projects, more money rolling in. Today, or at least this month.

books for writers

30+ Books about Writing and Publishing all Writers Should Read

Jun/16 By

If there’s one thing writers find almost as addictive as writing, it’s reading about writing. So I’ve put together a little reading list of some of my favourite  books for

Writing tools for freelance writers

The Insanely Useful Freelance Writing Tools I Use Every Day

Jun/14 By

Want to know exactly how I run a successful freelance writing business, with relatively low overheads? I’m happy to share. These are the exact tools I use to run my

On writing by Stephen Kind: Review

Ten Things I Learned About Writing, From Stephen King

Jun/14 By

I’ve been (re) reading Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft this week, and I’d love to share some of the things that jumped out at me. Here

Authors Helping Authors: Simple Ways To Support Your Fellow Indie Authors

Jun/13 By

As indie authors we need to stick together and support each other. Other authors are not your competition, any more than one of your books is a ‘competitor’ to another

One Super Simple Way To Get Book Reviews As An Indie Author

Jun/11 By

As indie authors we know that reviews give us credibility, and good reviews may actively help sell our books. We just need to get people to read our books, and

Read Kindle books on any device

How To Read Kindle Books On Almost Any Device

Jun/7 By

Disclosure: Links in this post (and anywhere on may be affiliate links. Find out what that means here. I’ve had a couple of emails recently asking why all my books

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